Decision on Moving To Blogger

     I decided to switch to using Blogger for my blog posts, mainly because it's a dedicated blog site, compared to my site, which is ju...


Website Update 3

    I have decided to update the website once again! What makes this update special is that I have decided to add two folders to the site: one for HTML4, and one for HTML5. This means that the site is compatible with any browsers from circa 1996 to current date. All one needs to do when they first arrive on my webpage is to click either the Netscape Logo or the HTML5 logo to access the site that is best compatible with their browser. 

    I did this because I enjoyed the 1990 to 2000's website design. But I also realize that the 1990 to 2000's website design is out of style as well, so I decided to have a HTML5 version as well. While the website aesthetically didn't change much, under the hood a lot has changed. 

    For one, on the HTML5 version, I have used a bit of JavaScript to add a functioning navigation bar. Only drawback is that I had to duplicate the same file a couple of times in order for it to work. I find this fault to be part of not only my limited knowledge that has yet to grow, but also Neocities limitations as well. I could not use software such as PHP if I wanted to on Neocities. If you are curious on the limitations Neocities imposed, here you go. Take note this is for the free version.

    The HTML4 version I had a bit of a struggle since most tips, tricks and tutorials on HTML4 is long gone. I also realize that HTML4 uses more images, and I am not well advised in graphic design. Perhaps in the far future, I will learn how to do graphic design. But it's pretty basic. It uses tables and frames, and no JavaScript, as of this update.

     I really hope I can get around to learning other stuff than just continually updating my website, but there are always going to be struggle in the journey of a programmer. And it seems like right now, I get easily discouraged on even small stuff. I feel like there's some stuff going on right now that doesn't leave me much in willpower and encouragement on learning new stuff. 

    It also seems like I haven't been relaxing much. I always seem to watch YouTube way too much, and I don't spend more time doing other hobbies. It seems like the two things that always take my time is 3D modeling and updating my website. I hope this changes as well, I do want to focus on animation, drawing digitally and traditionally, and programming games and in JavaScript. Perhaps I will focus on just relaxing tomorrow, play a couple of games, and work on learning how to do small programs in Godot.


Website Update 2!

    Well, I updated this website while live on YouTube, that is a first!

    I feel as though that the website update is not as ambitious as I imagine it to be. I wanted to spruce it up and make the website look a bit more pleasing to the eye, and yet, all I did was added some images and changed the wording to make it less confusing to users of screen readers. I feel like this wasn't a good update.

    I did wanted to add an imagemap that would replace the navigation bar but then I looked up if it's viable to do such a thing, and most say no to using imagemaps as navigation/sitemap. I also wanted to replace Google's Model Viewer with three.js, but then realized that it was way too advanced for a beginner like me in terms of using it. One needs a basic understanding of JavaScript before using three.js, I will say, and I don't have that basic understanding yet. I decided to remove the music since it just doesn't feel right for now.

    Nevertheless, as I continue to browse the websites from the past via Internet Archive and Neocities, I will say that I will continue to be inspired to make a good looking website without all that bloat that comes with it. A modern day website that's just as colorful as websites of the past without no bloat, that is the current goal of this website's user interface and experience.

    Perhaps I should look into using HTML, CSS and/or JS frameworks, such as NES.CSS, which makes websites using it look retro, while being up to date.

    As for learning how to use JavaScript, that will commence now, so don't expect any huge updates, but do expect there being a webpage dedicated to JavaScript soon, and a link for it in the Navigation Bar soon.

    (Originally published circa February-March 2022)

Start of the New Year, Start of New Problems

    So I decided to give the website a a bit of an update. Nothing major, just a bit of technical stuff. As for the start of the new year, I feel like I might be going to college sooner rather than later. Why is that?

    Well, I attend a Special Needs program that is currently being understaffed, due to the pandemic. So I might be let go because of that. In all honesty, I'm completely fine with it, I've been thinking about leaving it anyway for other reasons as well. But that does mean I will be attending college, very likely in the fall of this year. I'm going local with my choice of attending college. I live near the city of Chicago, which explains my choice of college.

I hate that my current job of working at a pizzeria is causing me stress and anxiety. It's just too much for me. Even thinking about it gets my heart pounding ever so slightly. I am looking to finding a new job. Hopefully it will be closer to home, which means that I don't have to cross the tracks and bridge.

I brought myself a new laptop, a MSI Pulse GL66, after my old laptop of 7+ years have finally hit the bucket. I am currently enjoying it so far. I was going to plan on installing Ubuntu after installing Windows, but with it being a new laptop, using NVIDIA graphics and an Intel CPU...

    I do not want to mess about with the installation process. But when it gets to that time where Windows 10 is no longer supported, and this new laptop is getting old, I will install Ubuntu to it.

    So it will be an interesting year for me. I got my Driver's License at 19 in December, which is a bit old but still better than not having one at all. 

    I will probably be driving myself to work and school from here on out when Summer or Fall comes around. A little scared but I will be alright.

    (Originally published circa January 2022)

Off For The Holidays 2021

        I'm going to take a break for the holidays.

    As much as I feel like my time is wasted if I don't do something productive, I must take a break. I just felt like I wasn't going anywhere forcing myself to work on projects or hobbies. 

    Before I take a break, I will say a couple of things regarding the website: I have updated the site to include a couple of tracks. They aren't played in all the webpages, mainly because of storage. However, in the future, when I plan to include Javascript in my site, I will make sure that there is a small number of tracks that are always listenable no matter if you switch the webpage.

    This brings me to the inclusion of Javascript. Bringing interactivity to my website I feel is needed, as this website is in a way, a personal portfolio to my family and friends who I barely see.

    I do not want to continue to rely on stuff like Google's Model Viewer and such, for personal reasons. I rather much use free and open source software, because that's how I am, essentially. I plan on making any type of software I make open source and/or free, after a certain time. I need to pay bills too, you know!

    As for 2022? For one, it will mark 20 years since I was born. I plan on learning how to use Godot, hopefully with a plan on how to go about using Godot, as well as learning JavaScript. 

    If you look into the HTML/CSS of this website, you'll notice a page called javascript.html. That will be a page to show off and host my projects that I made in JavaScript.

    As for Godot, there will likely not be a page dedicated to hosting the games I made in it. Reason being is that none of my family or friends have a computer that runs Linux, which is what I primarly use.

    So to show off what I've made in Godot, I plan on making videos and uploading to this website. Though expect them to not be 720p+ category. 

    One last thing is that I'm thinking of switching the design of the homepage to better suit the navigation bar. I am planning on learning how to use CSS Grids and Flexbox for this.  

    So that's the plan for 2022. I just hope that I'll be able to make time for it, with work and school keeping me busy and whatnot.

     (Originally published circa December 2021)

Website Update 1!

    Well I updated the website!

    This website update added the favicon, which is a pixel art version of one of my characters. Take a guess at which one it is.

    I also added 2D artwork as well. It is a small collection right now, but I hope it will build as time goes on.

    Logo has not been updated, however, I am still working on making a more unique logo.

    I've decided to update the website layout for the next update, which will be big, as I feel as though that in its current state, it will be very difficult for me to update the website.

    I will also cut out the music player and replace it with one track per page. The current music player prevents people from viewing the code of this page. I'm still keeping House Music as the music genre/style for this website.

    (Originally published circa November-December 2021)

A To Do List For The Next Website Update

    For the next major update to this website, I am hoping to add 2D artwork, such as paintings and sketches I have done. I will most likely upload them as photographs instead of just scanning the images since I do not have the time to edit and crop them.

    I also plan to update the logo so that it looks more unique and personal. At its current state, it is just an h1 tag with some CSS decoration applied to it. I might have to spend some time designing logos in websites that specialize in designing logos.

    Right now, there is no favicon being displayed on the tab. Favicons are the little pictures next to the text on the tab on a web browser. I would like to add a favicon to the website so that it doesn't look like a piece of paper with a corner folded.

    There might the possibility that the website layout/design will also change. However, this is yet to be decided.

    That is it for planned updates, if you have any recommendations, you know well where to reach me.

    (Originally published circa November 2021)

How I Designed The Website

    I actually do not use any special type of software when designing a website before writing it in Visual Studio Code, believe it or not.

    I actually use slideshow software, like Google Slides. I personally did use Google Slides in the past to design websites, but since switching to Linux and owning a Raspberry Pi, I decided to use LibreOffice Impress instead.

    As for the actual design process, there is no real design process. I only have one guideline so far as to how it should look.

    It should look retro, giving off Web 1.0 energy. Not only is it because I am still learning how to design websites and making them look modern, it's also because I actually do like the early internet designs. I have a folder in my bookmarks labeled "Archive" where it is just websites from the Wayback Machine dating back to 1996.

    As this website evolves, so will my skills in designing websites and scripting in JavaScript. That is what I am hoping for to happen.

    (Originally published circa November 2021)

My Thoughts On Making This Website

    When I first got my Raspberry Pi, it was to make a Minecraft: Java Edition server so that my friends and I could play together. As much as I could try, I just couldn't get the project to work the way I wanted to, to put it in basic terms. 

    After the project failed to exist, I decided to use my Raspberry Pi to create a website.
However, this project did not work the way I wanted to. I couldn't manage to figure out how to do the technical work behind it. The problem is how to connect the website to the domain name, if it makes sense. 

    With that project failed, I decided to just use the Raspberry Pi as a secondary computer for the time being. But I still had the website idea on my head. So I decided to make the website on Neocities. I purchased the supporter version, which got me the option of getting a custom domain name. Then I linked the domain name to the website. So now I decided to go through with making the website. 

    While making this site I try to consider both my family and friends, who will be reading it. I thought that since I don't speak a lot, and that I speak better in writing, I thought that this website would be perfect to express myself and show off what my family and friends another side of me.

    (Originally published circa November 2021)